here lies her passion, her insanity. immortalized for all to see.



Once a drone in the corporate food industry world, Sara made her escape into creative freedom. Unhappy with her 7am-midnight life, she assessed and took steps into her new life – which happened to become a 6:30am-midnight life – writing life is intense. While she continues a full-day, corporate persona, she has ample time to pursue her passions.

Author of the YA series the Blood Trilogy, comprising of Avian Blood (est. 20XX), Wolf Blood (est. 20XX), and Witch Blood (est. 20XX), YA Science Fiction novel, A New Star (est. 20XX), and YA Contemporary novel, A, Girl (est. 20XX).

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“Can’t wait for the next novel in the series to come out!”


“Gripping to the very end. Will watch out for the second novel, set in the same world!”


A New Star

A New Star

Step one. Graduate from the Academy. Step two. Anything, but a desk job.

In the wake of a new life chapter, Ari Cameron gets accepted into the prestigious Portal System Program, a military institution who’s mission is so top-secret, Ari didn’t even know what he was applying for during the application and interview process. But what he did know is that it wasn’t a desk job, and his elusive ex, Calli Matthews, was set as second in command of the crew.

Now, as they enter a new world, the likes of which they’ve never known, they battle through mind-altering jungles, airborne hallucinogenics, and a newly discovered civilization hell-bent on trading them, instead  of their own people, into the galaxy-wide slavery trade. Why? Well, that’s just what Ari Cameron wants to figure out.

But, when Merc comes through the portal and demands involvement in the mission, Ari finds out there’s more to this world – and galaxy – than he was led to believe. What will they do now? Rescue their people? Or Merc’s family who’ve been missing-in-action for the past decade? Or both?

A New Star

The Blood Trilogy


The Blood Trilogy

A girl with many faces, Emilia delves into a world unknown as reality turns into fantasy in one blink. Devastation epitomizes her new life as everything she loves is slowly ripped from her grasp. Can her new friends help her get through the turmoil? Can she resist the urge the purge into the void and be overwhelmed by her magic?

A stunning tale of friendship, destiny, and a mysteriously unraveling adventure, The Blood Trilogy, comprising Avian Blood, Wolf Blood, and Witch Blood, embarks you on an endless journey through time.

Avian Blood Wolf Blood Witch Blood

The Blood Trilogy Omnibus