here lies her passion, her insanity. immortalized for all to see.



Once a drone in the corporate food industry world, Sara made her escape into creative freedom. Unhappy with her 7am-midnight life, she assessed and took steps into her new life – which happened to become a 6:30am-midnight life – writing life is intense. While she continues a full-day, corporate persona, she has ample time to pursue her passions.

She hosts a YouTube channel, offering writing advice, inspiration and support for all writers!

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Uncompromising between insightful and motivational, this new podcast channel proves invigorating for writerly entrepreneurs. Regardless of if you’re just starting out, or years in the making, we invite you to join our inspiring, and sometimes delirious, community.


  • Realize your true potential and learn the tricks to accomplishing your eccentric goals and dreams?
  • Fulfill your dreams and life motivations, in a complete and accomplished way?
  • Find the motivation to sit down and actually write your ideas?
  • Connect with like-minded friends, who have dreams just as big as yours?
  • Choreograph the ideal balance between your personal life, professional career, and passion-driven entrepreneurial endeavors?

Are you ready to take the dive with a new community?